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Extensions Application
Are you currently wearing extensions? If yes, how long?
Which of the following describes your hair?
Which of the following describes your hair?
Thanks for taking an interest in Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extensions. NBR® Pricing Information. FIRST TIME CLIENTS. Most first time clients can expect to invest $1,250* to $2,530* for us to work together getting you the hair of your dreams. This investment covers NBR® Hair Extensions, Seamless Color, Cut and Styling. RETURNING CLIENTS. For my returning NBR® Clients you can expect the following: Re-tighten (aka move-up) the NBR® Hair Extensions every 6-8 weeks. Replace the NBR® Hair Extensions every 4-6 months with brand new hair. Some choose to refresh some of the hair sooner than later, and this comes with additional investment. A usual Move-up with, seamless Color touch-up, Trim and Styling ranges between $650 - $995* *All pricing subject to change. HAVING full knowledge of the financial commitments to obtain and maintain your Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extensions, are you prepared to make the financial investment necessary to Sit In My Chair and Get the NBR® Experience?

Your application has been received!

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