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What You Really Should Know About Natural Beaded Rows Education

My six months of deep-dive online training, learning the extension installation method of Natural Beaded Rows, came to an end on November 6th. To complete phase one of my training, I'm flying to Laguna Beach, CA, for a three-day convention and certification process with 300 of my classmates!


Ok, so I'm a licensed cosmetologist, I know what it means to put in the time to learn a new skill in this industry.


However, I couldn't have imagined how intricate and precise the NBR training would be. This program required four hours out of every day of my time. It has been worth it because I also couldn't have imagined how impactful this program would be for me.

When I was doing my research, I thought, "that looks easy," "I can do that no problem." And I was thinking, "that's so nice they also offer marketing education alongside teaching us how to install extensions." Was I in for quite a surprise?

But before I tell you about the training provided, let me tell you why I chose Natural Beaded Rows as my preferred method of extensions.



These extensions look so natural and beautiful, hands down they're best on the market. No one knows you're wearing NBR unless you tell them! (Ok, a little detour. One of my clients told me her mom didn't even notice she had them in. What? That's crazy, right! For her, we added about four inches of length and gave her a ton of fullness. How amazing is that! They look so natural her mother didn't notice.) The angle of the rows gives me the ability to add fullness around your face and fill in the gaps throughout your hair, a significant game-changer for wearing the style you want to have. What makes this possible is the sections and the placement of the rows.


Rows are made up of beads and string that are called tracks, and wefts placed and sewn onto the track. That's it! It was a huge selling point for me because it made the process simple.


You can wear your hair up in any style without your extensions showing. You can even get caught in the wind and not worry. You can have an adventure in them without concern, like swimming and working out.

Now for the personal side.

I love helping women feel excited, confident, and sexy.

Providing Natural Beaded Rows is doing this for my clients. Wearing extensions is a way to boost your sense of inner beauty and to help give you the confidence to shine from the inside out. Being able to help women walk out the front door with the hairstyle of their dreams is one of the best things about my job. I get all the good vibes when I know she's closing that front door every morning and taking on the day with a smile. It's that simple.

Now back to what you need to know about Natural Beaded Rows extension education.



It's not easy to learn, perfect, and become an expert at NBR. It takes a tremendous amount of practice, a lot of continuing education, and a ton of support from the trainers and your peers.


You're not signing up to learn only NBR. You're also going to learn marketing, well being, and how to understand the numbers behind your business. You are going to have a mindset shift and grow in ways you never thought possible, and you're going to learn how to celebrate your successes. This part is called BMS, Big Money Stylist. AKA Business Marketing and Systems.


The community that NBR/BMS has built has provided me with kindness, and support from the inside out. Starting with our founder, Danielle K. White, her vulnerability, skill, and insightfulness are invaluable along with her relate-ability and kindness. Our lead trainer, Anianne Rivera, has so much passion and knowledge for this program, and the success of each one of us that I know that I'm in good hands, and I trust that I'm getting everything out of this training to be great at it. The customer care support provided is top of the line. Their team is friendly and quick to respond and provide assistance.

Last but not least is my fellow students, and the amount of support we've provided each other is honestly heartwarming. We have gotten to know each other through work chat, sharing challenges, tips, and support of all kinds. On a deeper level, we've paired up with accountability partners for even more support. NBR/BMS provides a crazy amount of education to put us on the track to becoming experts at Natural Beaded Rows extensions.


Let me be real this training has not been easy. Learning how to bead a track is very challenging. It takes lots of practice to get the sections, bead tension, string tension, weft placement, and stitching perfect so that the extensions are comfortable and look natural. We were challenged to complete a row every day, and we had to submit our work for approval to move on to the next phase, certification. It took me three months of intense practice to get the muscle memory of the movements and another two months to get the tension right.

I'm committed to becoming an expert at NBR, and I hope one day you'll sit in my chair so that I can give you the hair of your dreams.

I can't wait to meet you! -Angela


Now I'm off to convention and certification!


If you're ready for your dream hair, fill out my NBR application, just follow the link below.

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