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A Gift From Me To You

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you for your support these past six months while I've been in my deep dive Natural Beaded Rows training.

I'm so excited for this new journey that I have a gift to you. In addition to your NBR Home Care Gift Set, I'd like to give you $100 off your brand new set of extensions. If you're already wearing Natural Beaded Rows I'd like to give you $50 off your next move up. My gift will be available until November 26th. Have your appointment booked and deposit received by November 26th and receive your gift.

If you've been considering Natural Beaded Rows this is a great time for you to experience luxury hair extensions.


Luxury Hair Extensions Enhance Your Appearance

My favorite part about wearing NBR has been the fullness I get, and the longevity I get with my style. My style lasts all day long. This is something I've never experienced with my fine thin hair, so I can't tell you how great it's been going three days without washing, blowdrying, and spraying my style down hoping it'll last at least half the day!

There are many reasons why NBR might give you all the good feels. One of the most common responses I hear is "I feel so confident!" The level of excitement my clients' show is contagious. I love it! I also hear "I feel so sexy, I can't wait for date night!"

Unique NBR Qualities

  • we only use beads and string which means there is no tape or glue involved

  • we use a slight horseshoe sectioning that allows for sparse sides to be filled in

  • it lays flat on your head and is undetectable

  • fewer points of contact which minimizes damage

  • you can go out in the wind with confidence that your extensions won't show

  • this is a big one, removal only takes about five minutes, and there is no mess

  • our founder, Danielle K. White, has created a top-quality hair extension line, ISLA

You Can Wear Versatile Hairstyles Without Them Showing

  • amazing well blended sexy curls or down to earth beach waves

  • a top knot or messy bun

  • high ponytails or low ponytails

  • half up ponytail

  • many styles of braids

  • and many more

Time Saving Tips With Natural Beaded Rows

Natural Beaded Rows extensions save you time with your morning routine. Who doesn't want that and sexy hair

Most people are washing twice per week. For example, on wash day you can wear your hair straight and smooth (yes, you can wear NBR straight), on day two you can wear it curled with sexy curls, on day three wear it wavy, and on day four with a half braid. There are so many fun versatile styles.

At night put your hair in two braids to keep the tangles out and get some pretty cools waves too.

More Time Saving Benefits With NBR

There is no glue or tape involved, just beads and string! Not only does this keep the mess away but it allows for quick removal (usually 5 minutes or less), and makes for your move up an appointment to go more quickly.


"To be low maintenance, sometimes you have to be high maintenance." Danielle K. White, founder of NBR

Ready for your Dream hair? Take a minute to fill out my NBR application form. It allows me to get to know a little bit about you and your hair. Once I receive your form I'll contact you to set up a phone or in-person consultation.

I can't wait to meet you! - Angela

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